Name:  Sunnyrain Spring Loaded (2002-2013)

Call Name:  Lilly

Pedigree:  Ch Briarbrooks Silversmith x Ch Briarbrooks Calamity Jane

OFA - Good, CERF Clear



Lilly is our amazing foundation dam.  Her name is Sunnyrain Spring Loaded and it fits as she can jump straight up at any given moment - a talent she displayed at a very young age haha. As she got older, the springing up could occasionally come with a herding kiss—that delightful little nip- it could be your nose or the top of your forehead just depended on how much spring was involved.

I saw Lilly as a 7 week old baby running through Heather Moyer’s house when I had come to get Ozzy..I had seen Lilly’s Mom Ch Briarbrooks Calamity Jane in photos and really liked her look.  As we were talking about Oz a herd of gorgeous pitch black tris came tearing through the room zoom zoom zooming through our legs. 

When I asked who they were she said these are the last CJ pups…”I want one” came out before I could even temper it with” are any available?”  I knew I had to have one, they were gorgeous! So I was fortunate to get my Cj baby..and about 18 months later at my first USASA National all three of the black tri girls made the cut in the 12-18 month class it was amazing..all three sisters out in the huge field of perfectly manicured grass—it is a memory I cherish..

Lilly has brought me so much joy as a true companion but also in seeing how well she has produced great babies that have made awesome conformation, obedience and companion pups…if you want to do it a Lilly baby will do it!  She is the most level-headed, sweet dog anyone could ask for.  Always happy, always ready for whatever I had in mind, whether it was a walk or a movie she was all in. She has passed this bid ability to her children and I see it the Lilly Grandkids..ummm along with the Springing kiss…Lilly is Mom to Ivey, Roxy, Gemma, and Rita and grandmother to Pinky and Adele.

As the retired Matriarch her duties include teaching all the puppies manners..Its a job she takes very seriously.  She still has the most effortless gait and can still run with the young dogs as she does everyday. She is always in charge here and I don’t think it will ever change.