Name:  CH Sunnyrain's Designated Hitter (Deceased)

Call Name:  Ozzy

Pedigree:  CH Briarbrooks Silversmith x CH Briarbrooks Society Page

OFA - Good, CERF Clear


Ozzy, Oz man is Ch Sunnyrain Designated Hitter,  He was the love of my life the best dog ever. Everyone has that dog that starts the journey and Oz was mine. I drooled over his pictures on Heather Moyer’s website for months.  He was known as Seegar and he was not available, but was on her up and coming page and I checked it all the time to see him grow.

Oh my and what a beautiful boy he was.I   had been in touch with Heather actually looking for a blue merle girl and couldn’t help but gush on and on about how gorgeous Seegar looked.  She agreed he was a beautiful boy and that she was keeping him and his brother.  One day while working at my grooming shop I got a call from Heather, would you be interested in Seegar?

I had to sit down and my response was do you mean the second dog on the page - I had to be absolutely sure we were talking about the same beautiful blue merle pup   Yes..yes was my response, I’ll be up to get him this weekend.  Heather response was really you don’t want me to ship out next week?  it was winter and snow and more snow was falling in Ohio but no, I was coming up asap before you change your mind haha!

And so it began. Oz taught me all about how manipulating a dog can be even one that is a good dog! Ha Ha.  His first shows were in Atlanta, he should have won - he was gorgeous he held his stack he baited he did all the right things in practice.  Oh me first show he nearly hit the ground as the judge cam forward, he absolutely was not having a stranger touch him I called Heather we went over some things but bottom line it was a test and I was failing he was winning.  By the 3rd day he stood it wasn’t a pretty stand but he stood just by my sheer willing him to stand…we got 4th out of 4.  Every day I heard the same thing form the judges ‘I wish I could have done more but he just didn’t show.’ 

By the next shows we were good, a few more training classes and he finished his championship out of open blue with strong competition.  We went on to win many best of breeds and also numerous group placings.  Ozzy taught me so many things about Aussies, about showing, about making friends, about life in general.  He was a reserved Aussie, we always joked about his small circle of friends and that Oz really wasn’t looking for any new ones.

He was content being my guardian and he would show but only with a show lead on and given a command and once the lead came off he was done being Mr Gorgeous Show dog he was back on duty as companion and my buddy. I miss him still today, but see so much of him in his children and grandchildren and that’s what really matters at the end of every day No dog is gone, they simply come back in the babies.