Name:  Uwharrie Grand Slam

Call Name:  Martina

Pedigree:  Ch Sunnyrain Late Breaking News x Ch Sunnyrain Mikkimoto

OFA - Good, CERF Clear

Martina aka Uwharrie Grand Slam is everything I could want in a dog except—she isn’t blue merle!! Haha! Born to Ch Sunnyrain Mikkimoto  she was in a litter of 7, 7 black tri babies from a blue merle mom and a black tri father, Ch Sunnyrains Latest Breaking news, normally there are pups of both colors and I so wanted a blue girl just like her Mom!!!!!!

Rule number 1,,you never get what you want.  IT Is so easy to look back now and laugh…but at the time I was disappointed.. I was shocked, shocked as was everyone else that there was nary a blue merle to be had…so I decided there had to be a reason…and there was…

After a time of watching the pups grow..this one caught my eye.  She trotted effortlessly along the fence line and pulled me in and made me watch her…gorgeous gait and never a foot wrong…so what if she was black and not blue???  Martina became the dog I cant live without—my constant companion, the dog that reads my mind, the dog that knows me better than anyone, we seem to share the same thoughts…I cant imagine her being any other color and I can relate to folks that want a certain color but I always think of her—its not the color that makes you smile its that personality and character that comes from understanding color is just a wrapper.

Martina has 1 major and all her singles but suffered a paw injury that prevents her from completing her AKC championship title…she has produced very nicely balanced puppies bred to Logan aka GCH Uwharrie Party All The Time. Martina has a beautiful side gait, effortless gait, correct down and back and is just a sweetheart of a dog…other than me her favorite human ever is Kobe my grandson.