Name:  Uwharrie Whatchu Wearin? 

Call Name:  Jenn

Pedigree:  CH Sunnyrain's Designated Hitter x CH Uwharrie Party Favors

OFA - Good, CERF Clear


Jenn is named after the totally blonde hair stylist that works next to our grooming shop.  Jenn, the 2 legged is cute one, is funny, sweet, and the most fun ever and she has two gorgeous blue eyes—we love her!!!  When Roxy aka Uwharrie Party Favors and Dad Ch Sunnyrain Designated Hitter presented us with her, she was so unusually marked we knew a different name was in order.  Whatchu wearin refers to her unusal split face markings and the unusual merling of her coat.  She also has two gorgeous blue eyes just like the two-legged Jenn.  She is a sweet   unassuming girl that just wants to please. 

Jenn is AKC pointed from the Bred By Exhibitor class and received rave reviews for her moderate build and balanced side gait .She is a moderate well balanced dog, but simply does not enjoy any part of the show ring so we made the decision not to finish her Championship.

She loves being a Mom! Jenn is a caring easy mom that loves to play with her babies and is a diligent watchful teacher. Jenn is happiest playing with her babies or her BFF Jackson…together they round up imaginary stock and love a game of tug of war with the latest rope toy.

UPDATE:  Jenn and my grandchildren love each other so much that she decided to move out of my house and move in with them!  Luckily I get to see her all the time but she insisted on adopting *her* new pet humans!